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This is a wiki about a small tumblr group called the anonparty. go nuts, and make sure not to break anything.

Rules Edit

  • No Trying to start shit.
  • Keep NSFW to a minimum if you can
  • you can make and edit any page you want, just don't overdo it.
  • Please understand this is just starting up, and I am not a robot who can remember everything.

Quick origin storyEdit

The anonparty originated on an Eddsworld au blog called weird-eddsworld-aus, where it then split off onto another blog and branched out.

yo check out my history page

"We're all just a buncha bitches tbh" - skelly

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Locations (not made yet)

Story so far (not made yet)

Latest activityEdit

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Icon of the original Anonparty blog.

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